Afghan Pre-Order Info IS CLOSED! Order page with shipping will be live on Monday the 26th

Pre-Order your Class of 2020 Afghan here! These are American made very high quality keepsakes that will last a lifetime. They are beautifully crafted with the class of 2020 crest. This is the perfect gift for those special people who helped get your cadet into West Point and for those who helped them along the way. It also makes a great holiday gift for all family members. We have cadets who ask for these a year or two down the road when they are all sold out- so think ahead and store one for them as they will appreciate it after the shock of graduation wears off!

These afghans will be available for pickup during the Friday of Ring Weekend. We will be at Trophy Point right next to the ceremony.  After Ring Weekend this link will change in price and include shipping charges and all post-Ring Weekend afghans will be shipped.

All net proceeds will be donated the the Class of 2020 class fund. This is a great way to kick start your cadets class fund effort!


You will not be disappointed! GO ARMY!