Cadet Buses

The WPPC MD-DC-VA provides comfortable, convenient, and economical bus transportation services for our cadets to come home on selected long weekends and holidays through our Transportation Coordinator, Ed Cragg, (

Notices and coordination information are disseminated through the club's listserv which is only open to club members. If you a not a member of our club and want to use our bus service, we strongly advise you to join the WPPC MD-DC-VA as all information about the buses is disseminated through the listserv.   Please see the Membership section of this website for details on how to join.


  • Reservations are taken on a "first come, first served" basis.
  • A waiting list will be maintained once the bus(es) are filled.
  • No tickets will be issued - the bus driver will have a roster of paid passengers.
  • Reservations may be canceled with credit for any reason up to the time that the roster is sent to the bus company (usually 48 hours before the run).
  • After the roster has been sent, cancellations with credit will be extended when:
    1. the reason is beyond the cadet's control, AND
    2. either the bus driver or are notified before the bus departs.

The pick-up/drop-off point at USMA is in the parking lot by Clinton Field behind the Supe's box on The Plain. The bus has four destinations along Interstate 95 Highway (locations are noted on the map below)

  1. Park'N Ride at White Marsh Mall in MD
  2. Laurel Rest Area along I-95 in MD
  3. Springfield Mall, VA
  4. Spotsylvania Mall in Fredericksburg,VA.

Departure and Arrival times are set based on the official release/reporting times set by USMA.

How To Sign Up for the Buses:

Go to and fill in the form. You can reserve up to two spaces per reservation. Credit Card payment will be collected at the time the reservation is made.

For changes, cancellations and special reservation requests:

Email Ed at

Drop-off / Pick-up Locations:

The WPPC-MDDCVA Buses run through the Baltimore/Washington area along I-95. Four dropoff/pick-up stops are spread along the route.

White Marsh Park 'N Ride   (GPS 39.37747, -76.46172)

On I-95  take exit 67B (White Marsh Blvd, Rt 43 west). Immediately get into the far left lane (turn lane). Make a left at the first light onto Honeygo Blvd.Immediately get into the far right lane and bear right at the first light which heads into White Marsh mall parking area. Stay in the far right lane which turns into the park and ride.

Laurel Rest Area (Southbound GPS 39.14553, -76.84580  /
 Northbound GPS 39.14060, -76.84500)

The Laurel Rest Areas are along I-95 between Exit 38 (MD Rt 32) and Exit 35 (MD Rt 216).

The drop-off location is the southbound rest area (which includes a Maryland Welcome Center). If you are driving south from Baltimore, after you pass Exit 38 the rest area will be the next turnoff to the right and will be marked. If you are driving north from the Washington Area, take Exit 38B onto MD Rt 32 West. Immediately get into the left lane and take left exit back onto I-95 South. Then follow the instructions above.

The pick-up location is the northbound rest area. If you are driving north from Washington, after you pass Exit 35, the rest area will be the next turnoff to the right and will be marked. If you are driving south from Baltimore, take Exit 35A onto Rt 216 East. Stay in the right lane and take the right exit back onto I-95 North. Then follow the instructions above.

Springfield Hilton Hotel  (GPS 38.77750, -77.17715)

The hotel is located at 6550 Loisdale Road, Springfield, 703-971-8900. The Springfield Metro Stop is accessible with a long (~1 mile) walk on the opposite corner of the Springfield Mall.

Whether driving north or south on I-95, take exit 169A.

If you use the southbound exit, you will cross back over I-95. The Hilton Hotel will be visible on the right. Turn right on Loisdale Rd, and then right into the Hilton Hotel parking area.

If you use the northbound exit, you will take the first left onto Loisdale Rd, and then the first left onto Loisdale Ct. The Hilton Hotel will be the last building on the right.

Belk Department Store, Spotsylvania Mall, Fredricksburg (GPS 38.29280, -77.51430)

Take I-95 exit 130B (Culpeper). The sign for Spotsylvania mall will be on the left about 2 lights ahead, as well as a MacDonalds. Turn left into the mall parking lot there. The bus normally parks in front of Belk department store.

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